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Home-Study 1CE: What every bodyworker needs to understand about Secondary Trauma Stress and Compassion Fatigue


The massage industry has already been proven to provide benefits as an adjunct to psychotherapy when working with mental health. As massage therapists, we are also considered a viable tool with pain management. Secondary traumatic stress, also known as compassion fatigue, is found within care-giving professions, including massage therapy. Working with our client's pain, whether that be mental or physical, can directly impact us in a negative way. Commonly described as, when helping hurts, it is important for the massage therapist to have an awareness of signs and symptoms before it is too late. After this class, you will have a thorough understanding Secondary Trauma Stress/Compassion Fatigue and be able to identify early signs and symptoms. We will also look at healthy ways to prevent burnout by integrating daily self-care and developing a new sense of resilience when working with those in pain.

Tuition includes PDF version of class manual.

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